Preventive vs. Reactive Security

Shouldn't the goal of your security system be to try and keep the burglars out, instead of just reacting when they break in?

Once a burglar has come into your house, the average cost of that incident is around $5500 between what they take and the damage they create by getting in and out.

And then you get to come home knowing that someone has been there - a very unsettling feeling.

Burglars prefer to enter an unoccupied home, so shouldn't your alarm not only make a lot of noise when they come in but also try to keep them out?

An automated alarm system can make it look like you're home when you're not, by turning lights on and off periodically and with motion detectors on the outside of the home turning on lights on the outside and inside. It can even make it look like someone is turning on a TV, radio or ceiling fan further adding to the "illusion of occupancy".

Give the burglar every reason to pick the lower hanging fruit down the street.

What can your alarm do?