Fast WiFi For Everyone

Gone are the days of sticking a wireless router in the corner of the house where the service comes in, and being disappointed that you can't get a good signal on the lanai or in the bedroom.

Internet in the home has become a necessity for both work and pleasure, and nothing is more frustrating than it not working properly. E-mails don't get sent on time, buffering makes us anxious, and the list of weak WiFi frustrations can go on and on.

But it doesn't have to be that way. With WiFi access points (and yes I meant to make it plural) mounted to the ceiling in strategic places around the home everyone can have "full bars" everywhere, the way it should be.

Our reliance on WiFi with our phones and tablets is only going to increase over the coming years, so if you're not accounting for this in your new home or remodel you're only setting yourself up for disappointment later.

You expect your home to be around for decades, so why only allow for WiFi that barely gets you by today?

It doesn't take much to include this in any new build or existing home, and it's such a better wireless experience.