Changes in TV watching...

These days a robust home network is a critical part of the home and its infrastructure. We are becoming more and more reliant on a good connection to the internet at home for work and pleasure. And how we watch TV now is very different from how we did just five years ago, and it will change even more over the next five years.

So good wired network connections are a must behind all TVs.

Pretty soon we won't have the typical TV subscription that we're used to now, where we pay so many dollars a month for a thousand channels we never watch. Soon we will be going straight to ABC, Discovery and the like to pay a small fee to watch the episodes and seasons of shows that actually matter to us.

Those networks no longer need the cable and satellite companies' infrastructure to distribute their content - we are all connected to the same internet. Eventually you will just pick what you want to watch and when you want to watch it, much like we do now with our home DVRs, and then stream it straight to the TV.

This is all possible if you have a high speed internet connection and a structured network in the home. And don't think that you can just connect the TV over WiFi and have the same experience. Yes, WiFi speeds are increasing but so too is the resolution of what we watch and our tolerance for buffering is getting smaller and smaller.

If we’re going to rely on all our TV watching to come over the internet then it has to be 100% reliable and as fast as possible. The best TV experience for everyone will be when you plug in to the network and don't drain everyone's WiFi bandwidth. Cat6 connections for your TV, AppleTV, DVD player, and so on give you the best connection and the best experience.

It doesn’t take much for all this to happen in a new or existing home – so no excuses!