Why a smart home is safer than a dumb one

The words “smart home” are thrown around a lot, but it simply means a home that is connected, automated and secure.

So, why is a smart home so safe?

When was the last time your home told you that you left the garage door open? Can your home tell you either through the speakers in the ceiling or through a text or e-mail that the front door was just opened?

When you disarm the alarm and it’s dark outside the house will turn on lights in the hallways and living areas of the home so you never come home to a dark house again. You get notified on your cell of an alarm and from anywhere you can view the cameras on the inside and outside of the home to see what’s going on.

No more leaving the keys under the mat for the family, from your phone you can unlock the door and disarm the alarm to let them in – and when they leave you can lock the door behind them and arm the alarm and you never even had to leave your office to do all of this.

When you’re not home and it’s getting dark outside the house can turn lights on and off periodically giving the illusion of occupancy. All of these things happen with little to no effort on your part, and will make any home a much safer place to be.

Sure it’s neat to have an app that can control the locks, and another that can dim the lights, and another that will set the alarm and so on, but when all of this is one cohesive app it’s far more safe, powerful and valuable.

Don’t wait until something happens to take the step towards a safer connected home. Start thinking about preventing burglaries instead of just reacting to them. If you have more questions contact me at david@mdhautomation.com.